Admixtures, and particularly water reducing admixtures, can offer you substantial benefits in flooring concrete by reducing the free-water content whilst maintaining necessary workability for fast placement and compaction. This process reduces drying shrinkage in the concrete and in turn, reduces the potential of cracking and curling in the slab. Other types of admixtures can further reduce shrinkage and speed of the setting to allow earlier finishing or can aid in the finish. As with all admixture applications, careful selection of admixture type and grade is essential to obtaining a satisfactory finish and result. Prior to commencing any flooring project, ensure you read packaging and data sheets carefully to ensure the surface has been prepared satisfactorily and the correct application procedure will be followed.

  • Improve workability
  • Reduce water demand
  • Help prevent efflorescence
  • Help prevent cracking
  • Increase bond strength and durability

For more information on our admixture range, see our Admixture brochure or watch our videos on our youtube channel.