Choosing the right sealer for your project depends on two factors; what you want the surface to look like and what type of maintenance you are willing to do. If you want a gloss finish, choose a film forming sealer. If you desire a matt finish, choose a penetrating sealer. If you need a slip-free surface, stay away from film formers. To keep maintenance manageable, you will need to choose the correct product. For instance, sealing a driveway, you will need a coating that repels grease and oil and prevents water penetration. To make it easier to care for an interior floor, use a coating that dustproofs the surface and resists scuffs and staining.

Golden rule

Never apply more product than is being readily absorbed into the surface you are sealing. If the product is pooling on the surface - remove the excess. If you feel no product is being absorbed, stop and seek assistance from Cemix®. Always do a small test area first and approve the look and feel before finishing the entire area.

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