We recognise the importance of sustainability practices in business and are fully committed to the quest for sustainable development. Efficiencies and patented innovations during our manufacturing help us contribute to a sustainable future for New Zealand.

Due to patented innovations and efficiencies in the production processes, we have a relatively small carbon footprint. We are members of the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Trust and do our bit for the environment by maximizing the recycling of our manufacturing waste and sweepings.

In our weighing dosing and conveying section we have no motors and gear boxes and thus use no electricity. We harness gravity and a small amount of air to ensure fluidisation of our raw materials. Overall our energy usage is quite low.

Our computerized fluid bed sand drying is a very lowenergy user.  We are able to dry sand at temperatures between 120 to 140oC as compared to 400 oC for conventional drum rotary dryers. Our control system employs FUZZY LOGIC to ensure low energy usage and subsequent low emissions resulting in minimum impact to our environment.

All our air filters are within our building enclosure and thus our emissions are less than equal to 5 mg/m3. We again pride ourselves with a dust free environment which helps greatly reduce the impact on our environment.

Our commitment is to continuously improve our environmental performance and innovate to improve the sustainability of our operations.